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#NASABoycott : More products to boycott as Safaricom, Bidco, and Brookside were not alone in the election fraud. Fred Outa.

Kisumu Senator Fred Outa in his office. PHOTO |FILE

The list of companies to be boycotted by the NASA coalition to be extended. The Coalition is looking for more companies which participated in the election fraud and be boycotted.

NASA leaders are investigating companies linked to August 8 election rigging so more can be added to the boycott list, Kisumu Senator Fred Outa has said.

"We will announce more products to boycott once our leader gets back from abroad," the legislator said in his Kisumu town office on Sunday.

"The targeted companies must feel the pinch of election injustice. They cannot defeat the will of the people."

"The People's Assembly motion will be tabled in Kisumu county assembly tomorrow for debate and approval," Outa said.

The NASA legislators have been scrutinizing more companies as they solely aware.  The Jubilee has been busy blocking holes that will be used by NASA as loopholes in finding more to boycott.

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