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Opinions: Why NASA boycott called economic sabotage by agitators? Read and understand why NASA came up with the Boycott method.

Economic boycott by NASA. PHOTO | FILE
Economic products boycott by NASA. PHOTO | FILE
By/Courtesy Hon Teddy Mwambire -Ganze MP

Weighing on the NASA boycott announced on Friday by the NASA officials in some products, I find it hypocritical for our brothers in Jubilee to start throwing tantrums about the move. Boycotting certain products does not mean economic boycott. Have you asked yourself, will affect the economy of who? 

They just forget that an orphaned child is always keener in life and sees more than the child of a privileged. They think we don't have eyes to see how many of the products from NASA areas they have boycotted since power and privilege found their way into their homes immediately after independence.

The Regimes have made the other regions suffer as they only depend on the Jubilee strongholds. It was done deliberately to make sure everything that is done in Central Kenya has a ready market plus their processing ready industries.

Are they aware that the sugar industries in Western, Nyanza and coast all fell because their men in Nairobi decided to get us out of the market so as to import cheap sugar?

Are the jubilee members aware that Cotton farming in Ukambani, Coast, and Nyanza cannot be awakened because of greedy importers of Mitumba in Nairobi? Do they know that rice farming in Coast and Nyanza fell so Mwea and importers could have a field day?

Do they know the government spends almost nothing to support tourism in Western Kenya circuit?

Do they know that hyacinth and even Nile perch are alien things to Lake Victoria that was introduced deliberately by the Moi and Kenyatta regimes to finish fishing and even more that there is more government built fish processing plants in Central region than Nyanza and Coast?

Do they know that even recently a proposed inland container handling terminal at Voi was moved to Naivasha? Do you know that every year the government writes off the debts off coffee farmers and sneers at struggling sugarcane farmers in western Kenya?

Do you know that the pan paper fell because their businessmen wanted to import cheap paper? Do they know that the government has been paying more in dividends on cash crops to regime sup[porters than to others?

Do the Jubilee supporters know that the Coconut farming was introduced in Nyeri and Meru to kill the farming at the Coast? The cashew nut plant in Kilifi and Kwale were both killed only to open one at Thika so that the people from those areas could borrow everything?

Economic boycott by NASA. PHOTO | FILE
Why could the government not build and assist the local farmers across Kenya and solely stuck on some few farmers from one region?

Do the Jubilee supporters know recently the very regime considered with Chinese to start importing fish so as to kill the livelihoods of people in Western Kenya, Nyanza, and Coast regions?

Do they know that the seven folks dams are all in Ukambani and to date Ukambani has the least network of Electricity and Water? They don't know because they are children of privileged and the rest of us are who are orphans have been observing and bidding out time.

For the few reasons, I would like to add that doing a shop business in Central will be like selling a pork in UAE. People will not buy even credit because you are not from their tribe and expose you more of being a victim of a robbery day in day out.

The way some few people are agitated is because the government has been pampering them with everything from infrastructure to household activities. When the boycott of farming products in their respective areas reach and their products miss market they will squarely know why we need equity for a nation to proceed.
We had hoped we too could be allowed to hold power if we managed to organize ourselves but we are told no at all. So if addressing injustice calls for economic sabotage and collapse then economic collapse shall be there to revive the hopes of the marginalized.


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