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Overthrown Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe hospitalized as his wife Grace Mugabe flee to Namibia. -Zimbabwe Military coup.

The military takes over Zimbabwe. PHOTO | CNN
The military takes over Zimbabwe. PHOTO | CNN

The Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been hospitalized after he rude shock of the attempted military coup. His wife Grace Mugabe flee to Namibia after she had of Military plans to overtake Zimbabwe.

But the situation bore all the hallmarks of a coup. The army was in control at state TV in Harare, there was a significant military presence at the international airport, and Mugabe's whereabouts were unknown for hours. South African President Jacob Zuma later said Mugabe was confined to his home.

It came after weeks of political turmoil, in which Mugabe sacked his powerful Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who enjoyed wide support in the military and was tipped to become the next leader. The move fueled speculation Mugabe would try to install his wife, Grace, to succeed him.

The military takes over Zimbabwe. PHOTO | CNN

The Harare residents said that there was a sense of "excitement in the air" and that social media was humming over what might be happening. People thought the Military control was to make sure President Robert Mugabe was no more.

Major General S.B. Moyo read a statement at state TV in Harare saying that the mission was over and plead the people to support them in their activities.

The military takes over Zimbabwe. PHOTO | CNN

General S. B. Moyo told members of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces that all leave was canceled and soldiers were expected to return to their barracks immediately. He urged Zimbabwe's other security services to cooperate for "the good of our country."

President Robert Mugabe was hospitalized in Harare. One of his sons said that he was in good condition despite reports indicated that he was on a drip.  The Defense forces have gone quiet on the whereabouts of the Oldest African President.

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