Tanzania IGP Simon Sirro who said his office compound. PHOTO | FILE
Tanzania IGP Simon Sirro who said his office compound. PHOTO | FILE
The government of Tanzania has denied the earlier reports that Raila Odinga was in their country. The Tanzanian government has said that they were unaware that Raila Odinga was present in their country. They also denied that the Tanzania government arrested Kenya NIS officers.

So could Raila Odinga went to Tanzania or Zanzibar or did not? Both governments have denied the presence of Raila Odinga in their countries.

Tanzania Inspector-General of Police Simon Sirro said his office was not aware of the arrest of any NIS officers from Nairobi. The allegations that surfaced on social media are false.

“I’m not aware of that and what is being speculated about is not true. Raila Odinga also was not in Tanzania. How come a whole African leader not to be detected just from the airport? ” he said.

The denial came a day after the government of Zanzibar said it has no information about Mr. Odinga’s arrival and holiday.

The government of Zanzibar denied seeing Raila Odinga in their country. The Zanzibar government has claimed that a person of such caliber was to be detected and give him proper security.

“We haven’t received any information about his presence. However, we are following up the rumours of his presence,” said Mjini Magharibi Regional Police Commander Hassan Nasir Ali on Wednesday.

While details of what Mr. Odinga was doing in Zanzibar remain scanty, photos posted on social media show he was on holiday.

"What was posted on the social media was just Photoshop. We have not received such a guest and if he was to come then the Government would have known his presence." Nasir added.

"We were shocked to see photos of Raila Odinga with a lady in Zanzibar. It's just madness that people think we cannot secure ourselves. Kenyans need to understand that the games they play should only be in their country. Raila Odinga did not come to Zanzibar" he stated.

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