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The Angriest Facebook Post about the country state that agitated Statehouse officials even organized an emergency meeting. - Matchel Nyagaya

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Here Is the angriest Facebook Post That Shocked Statehouse Operatives and now looking for other solutions as the son of former President Gideon Moi pushes Uhuru Kenyatta for dialogue with Raila Odinga. Via Matchel Nyagaya

People from Central part of Kenya have been really wanted to end the elections cycles and life in Kenya to move on. Others have also been talking about Justice for life to move on.

A young and anonymously person from the Facebook groups posted a very long information about what the People from the so-called "Peoples Republic" are not yet contented with the Kenyan situation. He jets his qwerty keyboard and wrote



This idea that everything is over and we’re moving on despite the fact that the election was rigged makes me absolutely sick. Nauseous.

What f**king realignments and bridges are you talking about? What competing interests? What complexities are you actually talking about?

If we move on with this current arrangement, in 2022, even if Ruto is voted by 27% of the population he will shoot the CJs bodyguard and force him to swear him in the same way Uhuru has done.

What you people don’t understand is that the other 40 communities in Kenya now clearly see that even if they organize themselves and win an election fair and square the Kikuyu and Kalenjin power structure will simply rig the election and unleash ethnic-based violence on them. Acting like we can just move on is tantamount to saying we have no stakes, interests, rights, freedoms or rights in this country. The 40 must bow to the 2. What’s to stop Ruto from doing the same in 2032 and jomo doing the same in 2042 and Gideon Moi doing the same in 2052?

We cannot willingly accept tyranny. This government will have to kill all of us before we accept to sell ourselves and our children to slavery.

If we cannot live in mutual tolerance and respect, where everyone feels like they have an equal opportunity and fair shot at life, then the remaining 40 tribes are committed to burning this country to ashes. Better to die on your feet than life on your knees.

That is what you don’t seem to get. We are not willing to accept this arrangement. Those who are comfortable with bungled elections, torture of electoral officials, intimidation of judges and periodic rituals of ethnic cleansing are free to accept and move on with Uhuru Kenyatta as their president.

The rest of us want freedom or death.

This country is too small to hold such violently opposed ideas; Those who believe human life is precious and justice matters cannot be forced to live under those who believe money is precious and peace is the only thing that matters. One idea must give way to another but the rest of us cannot be forced to abandon the ways of our fatherland.

It is either we separate and coexist peacefully as neighbours since we can’t seem to find common ground, or, we continue antagonizing these ideas until the day this tense country implodes.

A majority of Kenyans only want free, fair and credible elections and they will accept the results and move on.

And trust me, the more people insinuate that we are moving on when 25 constituencies didn’t even vote in this election, only serves to stir anger and bitterness. It is the height of contempt, brinkmanship, patronage, and provocation and the reaction could be deadly.

And the fact that people don’t get this very simple and straightforward idea is appalling to me.

I think the greatest mistake Raila ever made was accepting to share power with someone who stole his presidential victory in 2007. It has emboldened election thieves and made them believe that one can steal elections and people will accept and move on. But the great assumption and the great mistake that all these people are making is imagining that nothing has changed in ten years.

This is not 2007. Raila is seventy-two, an old man, he has lost his heir apparent, he’s now been rigged out of three elections and is coming to the end of his political career. Uhuru is also not Kibaki. He’s younger than Raila and he’s a functional alcoholic running down the economy, destroying devolution, looting public coffers, mismanaging the country and tearing down our institutions. Things that Raila has worked for since the 80s. Mind you, unlike 2007, there is no political incentive to cease hostilities. We are not in pressing need of constitutional reform which was one of the important things that Raila forced into the 2007 peace negotiations. There is no motivation to let it go this time.

The sooner we see the potency of this situation the sooner we can escape that cruel fate that lies dangerously in wait for those who practice cruelty towards one another.

Yours sincerely,

A Kenyan voter.


People from the coast, Eastern, Nyanza, and Western have been oppressed by the regimes and especially in developments. They have been thrown into the bondage of poverty deliberately on to be dependants of certain areas in the same country.

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