Police Brutality in Kenya. PHOTO | FILE

Haki Africa warned the government that they are going to expose what is happening in Kenya against citizens. The Police brutality, injustices and other government oppressions will be exposed to the outside world.

"We are going to expose if not tarnishing the name of our country to the outside world. We are tired of oppression, impunity and brutality." Rapid response officer Francis Auma said.

"We are telling police bosses that their days are numbered. This is our country and we want peace," he said.

Auma challenged IPOA not to check on deaths only but to intervene in cases of harassment.

"We are documenting this cases and as HAKI Africa we are going to first present them in Banjul, Gambia at the African Commission on human right."

"It might take time but we are not cowards and those participants must face the rule of law," he said.

"During the political period police have killed people in Nyanza and Nairobi and nothing has been done. The Constitution allows for any political party to hold rallies or demonstrations provided police are notified," he said.

"Actually police think when they beat up people they will get stolen guns."

"If they have whereabouts of those criminals in possession of firearms then why don't they go directly to their places and arrest them? Beating up everyone won't return back a stolen gun," he said.

Auma said, as a human right lobby group, they are losing hope on the National police force due to their brutality on innocent citizens.

"We want the government to take action on the police officers who brutalize women and children," he said.

Since 2014 more than 30 People have gone missing in the hands of Police on the Coast region alone. The controversial disappearance of youth and Muslim leaders is at an alarming rate. The 2007-2008 Post-Elections violence witnesses brutalized, Killed and others went missing. The NASA demonstration ended with more 100 people being killed since 2016 when they evacuated the former IEBC commissioners.

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