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Long-term investment is the key to success and growth in the world.

Investment is the key pillar to anyone who has a future. People tend to ignore that Longterm investment can make someone a millionaire in less than 5 years. Investment does not require someone to have PhD in the Business related course to venture into money generating activities.

The US President Donald Trump, Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson did not build their business empires in one night.  President Donald Trump as a real estate investor started small and grown bigger. Buying and selling properties cannot be a one-night rich method. It requires plan, capital, consistent and patience.

Renting apartments, offices and residential houses requires a concrete and good foundation. As a beginner in the investment world, we start small and grow it bigger. The majority of people who have succeeded in building large business empire started with saving the little someone gets from handy jobs.

There are several types of long-term investments. Long-term investment is a method of securing some cash for future use or for generating more income if not a constant flow of income.

Long-term investment can be classified as Property investment and Liquid cash investment.

1. Property Investment.

People can buy a piece of Land only to wait for appreciation. For example; A one-acre piece of Land in Nairobi cost $2000 in 2010. The Value of the land in 2010 was $2000. As time goes by Land appreciates. In 2017, the same piece of land goes for $5000. In a span of 7 years the land appreciated by $3000.

Long-term investment in the property market is highly profitable as properties price tends to rise every year. Starting a real estate business can make someone a Millionaire within 5 years of Business. Buy and selling properties like houses is much profitable than buying and selling cars. Motor properties depreciate because when using it tears due to several conditions.

Starting a property investment require huge amounts of cash and in most cases on people who already have money take advantage.

How to get funds.

One way of sourcing for funds to start such businesses is by borrowing banks. Bank Loans can be a good start but it is critical as the banks have a specified grace period to repay the loans.

Fundraising can also be a good source of getting money to start the business. Fund-raising is only done when you are a group of People who wants to venture into a single Real Estate business. People have created social- enterprise to raise money for such projects and succeeded.

Government subsidy can also be a good way of approaching the business. Several governments have reduced building materials cost only to help mid-income earners be able to start such business. The government also provide building material for a specific group of people who are willing to start the Property investment business.

2. Liquid Cash Investment

Cash investments can be done through a variety of ways.
i)Share trading
ii)Money Market
iii)Medium and Long-term Notes
iv)Bond Market
v) Insurance investment plan

i)Share Trading

People have had a difficult time in understanding how share trading long-term investment work. I will explain how someone can benefit from share trading. Share trading can be in two different ways; through Stock Exchange Market and through an individual company.

Big companies raise working capital through share trading. The companies include; Banks, Industrial firms, Insurance companies, Real estate companies, Farming companies etc.
The companies sell “partnership” agreements to people who are willing to raise funds for the company. The “Partnership” agreements are what we call Shares. The people who buy the agreements are the so-called Shareholders.

The sold shares create a working capital for the company as well as expand the production of the company. Each company has its financial year where the auditors of the company check for loss or profit made in a specified period.  Then, the company management comes up with a percentage at the end of company financial year for each share sold as a return profit. This is called Dividend.

Here is the Math in an example.

Rodgers bought shares worth $100 in Milk processing company, each share cost $2. The number of the share he bought was 50. The company later at the end of financial gave $0.50 dividend for each share.

From the example above shows, $0.50 per share was given by the company after making a certain profit. So that was a percentage of the income the company generated in the financial year. It means  Rodgers had a total amount $0.50x50=$25

The $25 Dollars was the profit he made from investing $100 in that company as a shareholder. The $100 is still intact in the company financial books and may also get another dividend in the next financial year.

Share trading is a good Long-term investment that is stress-free. The work of multiply your investment in the hands of the company management, the shareholder is there to wait for the profit either quarterly or yearly as agreed by the company management.

Value share rise.

As the company sell its agreement to people, boosting the company revenue, the process may tend to rise the agreements. Two factors may render rise of the share.
a)Company directors or current shareholders agreement to raise the price of the agreement.
b)Increase in buyers.

a)Company directors/current shareholders agreement.
The company directors or the shareholders may agree to raise the share price at the annual general meeting which usually happens in every financial year. The may also set a percent of share rise if the company is making enough profits. The share may rise even sometimes double or triple the price the first shareholder bought it. The Shareholders may also sell their shares or part of their share to new shareholders at the current agreed rate.

b)Increase in buyers.

The increase in buyers automatically increases the price of a share. The basic business principle says the increase in demand will automatically increase the supply and increase in demand sometimes increases the price. People will be struggling to get shares and the price will keep on increasing until the demand declines.

Here is the math and an example;

Rodgers bought shares worth $100 in Milk processing company, each share cost $2. The number of the share he bought was 50. The company later at the end of financial gave $0.50 dividend for each share. The next financial year the share was traded at $5 and at the end of the financial year, the dividend rose to $1 per share.

SO Rodgers as the investor had two option in making long-term investment sweet. One way is by taking his dividend in the second year and add more share which will be $50 divided by $5 per share. He will add more 25 shares which will increase his revenue(Dividend) in the third financial year. The second option is by selling all shares and withdraw from the company as a shareholder. Rodgers will sell his shares at $5 per share which will make him $250 richer.

ii)Money Market.

A company may solicit capital from the public at a certain percentage profit. People take their cash to the company for the specified time in order to get that percentage noted in the application. The profit given to the applicants or subscribers is calculated to inform of interest. This interest can be Simple interest or Compound interest if it takes several years investing in the company.

Here are the Math and an example.

Rodgers invested $100 in Milk processing company for three years at 10% interest per annum.

What does that mean? Rodgers will be able to get 10% of his $100 in the first year which is $10. The second-year Rodgers will get  10% of $100+$10=$110  which is $11 and the final year as a longterm investor will get 10% of $110+$11=$121 which will be $12.10 and the first deposit. Meaning he will get $12.10+$100=$112.10 at the end of three years.

iii)Medium and Long-Term Notes.
Companies tend to raise working capital on selling virtual notes at a definite rate. Medium-term notes can be sold at a different price compared to Long-term notes. The term Medium and Long-term define the period in which the sale will be viable. Medium-term Notes can be sold at an average period of between 3 months to 1 year.  The number of notes sold attracts an interest as specified by the company. The interest will be calculated based on the duration and the interest accrued. This method of raising funds for a company is not commonly used but it can be a good source of having a medium and Long-Term investment.

iv) Bond Market

Governments sometimes tend to raise funds from the public through borrowing. The government may borrow from its citizens for a specific government project. The government may not be able to raise enough funds for the project.  Through treasury, the government may sell bonds to its citizens to assist the government in its plans.

The Government may borrow a certain amount to its citizens at a fee or interest. Most of the government bonds are calculated every 3,6,9,12 months basis. The buyer may be given an interest of 10 percent wire to his account after every 3 months until the specified period made the government. This may take up to 10 years being paid interest by the government.

The Governments also buy bonds or invest in other government too across the world.

v)Insurance Investment plan

Insurance companies offer investment plan according to the goal described by the insurer. The Goal differs according to individual needs and future plans. The Insurance companies give their clients options and starting to invest. The company may give the accrued cash, interest and bonuses at the end of a specified period. In most cases, the insurance companies start with 3 years investment plan to infinity or as specified by the client as the goal stipulated in the contract/ agreement given and signed.

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