Raila Odinga and other NASA leaders in a retreat. PHOTO | FILE

NASA leader Raila Odinga vowed to fight for democracy in Kenya and it is surfaced. The leader rubbished claim he feared Police brutality.  He said the postponement was made due to international political mitigations and gave a venue for dialogue.

The former prime minister also clarified and reiterated that the coalition had not abandoned its inauguration plans and push for electoral justice.

"The people of Kenya are saying no to electoral injustice. We will regress until we get electoral justice. And I want to tell you again, I am going to carry the Bible. It's better to die for something rather than die for nothing," he said amid thunderous applause from the forum attendees.

"There will be no business as usual until a democratically elected President assumes office," he said under a hash-tag "Resist". "Kenya is at a tipping point, it just needs a spark and it will go up in flames," he remarked.

"Raila Odinga will only retire if there is a democracy and the economy is stable. Every Kenyan shines and is well off. We have equity and enough resources for the country. From their, I will retire and go home if not Gods time." Raila Odinga said.

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