Driving licenses found dumped in Nairobi. PHOTO | Courtesy
Driving licenses found dumped in Nairobi. PHOTO | Courtesy
Kenya roads have been in bad condition due to poor construction and kickbacks to the government officials.  The roads which now are like "Roads of Death" have politicised and the causes remain unknown.

Fake driving licenses found dumped which its allegedly to be used by Matatu drivers in Nairobi and Meru. This is also among the reasons for most road accidents in Kenya.


Guardrails have been a major factor in today's deaths. Most drivers failed to understand the roads well with steep slopes curves created during construction.

Fake Driving Licenses.

It was also noticed that the majority of the drivers in the Kenyan roads have fake driving licences procured from corrupt individuals in the Transport sector. Getting a driving license is not a hard thing in Kenya.

Poor Road maintenance

Most of the roads have maintenance bumps. The method used to fill potholes created bumpy roads which in the long run makes it hard for the drivers to drive swiftly.

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