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Three types of ladies that a man should not even think off seating close when in a Matatu. These are the worst ladies that will keep a man's journey too long or very short depending on the circumstance.

A short dressed wearing lady.

This is the mother of all temptations. The mini is bound to move upwards exposing more thigh-land.  The higher it goes, the hotter things become.

Unless you are ready to keep shifting your ‘gear’ back to neutral for the entire journey, avoid sitting next to this kind of lady.

This type of lady will constantly look at eyes on what you are interested in seeing and try to give the man curiosity.  She may try to widen her thighs for the Man close to salivate and let it go.

Rumour monger (Mdaku)

She is the local grapevine hence keeps constant contact with her sources and audience. It is likely that she has subscribed to an offer by her mobile phone service provider- for 10bob she gets free calls from 6am-6pm to 5 numbers.

After hour-long calls filled with more gossip than E-News, she proceeds to give you an analysis of what and who she has been talking about, divulging intimate details of people whose existence you have no knowledge of.

Even though she barely knows you, be sure she will discuss you in ‘detail’ later with her equally loud-mouthed compatriots.

Comments such as “Aki huyo chali alikuwa anapumua vibaya,” will be said followed by laughter.

"Huyo Jirani alitaka nimpee, nikamnyima sababu huwa namuona akileta leta" followed by a sigh.

The only good thing about her is that she is not that hard to get.

Curved and big booty lady.

The only thing that will surprise the Man close in the matatu is when she wants to alight as the booty will scrub your face or chest.

Hips also take space and the man may end up with a half seat. Big booty ladies in a bus always stretch that what will create curiosity. 

The increasing of the gap and ration between Men and Women has made women thinking of how to get attention in every stop. According to the latest research made by the University of Cambridge, the worlds ration table by United Nation of Men to Women now stands at 1:6 from the early 2000s.

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