Earn Money with your smatphone. PHOTO | FILE

People have been struggling with what to do to make money in Kenya. Here will be outlining simple ways of turning what you have to Millions of shillings in a short period. People have been struggling with physical good selling leaving an easier and comfortable way of doing it.

5.  Online jobs

Website development, Technical tutorials, Parenting advice, personal opinions and lifestyle can earn you over $1000 every week. The main aim here is being passionate and love what you do every day.  This can be challenging but with passion and consistency, it can be a life breakthrough.

I had a friend that I can make some few dollars online. He told me to google but weeks I did not find anything important that can make me earn those few extra dollars. He told me to google specific aspects that I'm comfortable with and doing online. I googled " parenting articles for pay" I got a very long list of Parenting Magazines across the world.  I found almost three magazines I could write to. My first week I earn £500.

4. Professional Blogging

People think bloggers cannot be a carrier and something to earn money with.  I started my blog in 2013 and in 2016 I had raised almost $4000 in advertising.  The revenue from my blog was from direct advertising, sponsored content and display networks like Adsense and Medianet.

Start a blog and have a passion for writing. It is not a one-night millionaire stand but with time, experience and creativity will develop naturally. Do not sleep with that excellent idea which can change someone's life and your lifestyle too.

3.Stock Market.
At first, i did not know what stock market is all about? In a week or Month, one can get few dollars from little savings. Buying and selling shares, Medium and long-term notes, Money market, bonds have made several people Millionaires.

The first thing someone needs to know before investing in the stock market is knowing the share index trend.  The only way to understand the trend is through a stockbroker. Find your nearest stock broker and make money asap.

2. Selling stuff.
Selling part of your unused stuff is one way of generating income. There are dozens of classified websites across the world.  kijiji, Craigslist, freeadstime and back page are just a few examples.

E-commerce is also a grown-up business which you can make up to $2000 in a week. Dropshipping and brokerage have been on the rise. People are making a lot of cash from selling kinds of stuff online. You don't need to have a shop for you to sell stuff. Ebay, Amazon, Ali-express, Chinavasion and Jumia in Africa can be the best place to start your drop shipping business.

Earn Money with your smatphone. PHOTO | FILE

1. Video and Photo selling.

The majority of people from the developing countries have not yet known how to make money with just recording content videos and taking quality photos.

There are dozens of sites that value videos and photos starting from the giant video site youtube. Adsense for youtube is a greater way of earning average income from the video views.

Shutterstock is also a common place to upload and sell your landscape, unique creatures photos and self-photos.  There is plenty of markets to sell your photos online. Just google "Sites to sell my photos".

That is how I started my journey to success and now I almost earn up to $5000 every week from a combination of passion and devotion.

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