Green Movement in Kilifi. PHOTO | FILE

Kilifi county leaders have ganged up to streamline the county resources and usage in the next five years of the Governor Amason Jefwa Kingi.

Speaking in Kilifi, Wiper official Chigiri Dunga said that the county government will now make sure the resources reach the last person as failed candidates will monitor every move and county resources.

The candidates who did not get elective posts in the August 2017 elections came together to streamline the political will of the people of Kilifi county and formed United green Movement.

United Green Movement, Kilifi Chapter. An alternative voice, an independent platform, and politically diverse network of Kilifi 2017 non-elected leaders.

Green Movement in Kilifi. PHOTO | FILE

A meeting of 2017 non-elected leaders from different parties in Kilifi Hotel. The meeting is convened by Kenya Parliamentary Human Rights Association under the banner Green Amendment Champions Network. Kilifi County Network of GACCN will emerge here likely to check those elected.

The movement will outwing to all parts of the coastal region apart from Kilifi county starting in 2018. They also launched a series of meetings which will enable them to see their progress and the county resources disbandments.

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