Babu Owino Photo.
Embakasi East M.P Babu Owino.

Babu Owino gets back his Embakasi east seat after votes recount. People congratulated him for his second win after the court ordered votes recount.

"Thanks to the Almighty God.The will of the people of Embakasi East is finally out. Results before the recount.Babu Owino-46587.Francis Mureithi-42253. Results AFTER recount: Babu Owino 46813, Francis Mureithi 42475.Thank you, God the devil is ashamed," read Babu's facebook post.

Francis Mureithi petitioned Babu Owino victory claim that there were irregularities and the court ordered a recount.  Francis Mureithi has been ordered to pay Babu Owino 2.5 Million.
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