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International Condom Day: Lobby group (AHF) to distribute free Condoms for Valentines and International Condom Day

Someone pocketed Condom. PHOTO | FILE

  • A lobby group started a campaign to distribute free condoms across the country.
  • The Valentines day (14th February)and the international condoms day(13th February) will be used to create awareness over the spread of HIV/AIDS. 

  • The International Condom Day will be marked in Kilifi Tuesday, ahead of the Valentine’s Day, to promote safe s£x.

Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global Aids organisation operating in 39 countries said it would promote prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and unplanned pregnancies through free condom distribution and safer s£x awareness events.

AHF will activate over 50 ICD events worldwide. This year’s International Condom Day theme is, ‘Always in Fashion’,” AHF said in a statement.
“Consistent and proper use of condoms has been proven over time to be effective in the prevention of HIV infection by between 80-95 percent.
“It is an intervention that has been used and will always be used as both a primary HIV prevention strategy but also as part of the key HIV combination prevention. In this case, AHF believes that condoms are timeless and always in fashion,” AHF Kenya country director, Dr Samuel Kinyanjui said.

AHF chief of global policy, advocacy and marketing Terri Ford said: “condoms are under attack in the realm of global public health with governments and international agencies slashing funds.”

“This will most likely lead to more infections worldwide-but thankfully, International Condom Day is a way to reinvigorate the message that condoms are a fun and a fashionable way to protect oneself and one’s partner while reinforcing the tenet that condoms should be available for free to anyone who needs them,” Ford said.

The two days are said to have more cases of unprotected s£x than any other day of the year. People associate Valentine's day to their partners with s£x.

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