Samantha: Samantha top google in Kenya. PHOTO | FILE
Samantha pleasure doll.. PHOTO | FILE
Samantha pleasure doll has taken over Men in Africa. Women have been pissed off by the invention. Samantha from the word go has had a lot of attraction to Men citing to have advantages. 

He said that he would stay with ‘her’ like he would a real woman, and she would be a regular feature in his house. Visitors would even get used to her presence. He said that he would give the automaton a chance since she would never nag him and ask endless questions about other females he related with.

Samantha would be great company when he watches sport as she would not interrupt him even once. He claimed that his s£x life would be amazing because the doll would never have a menstrual cycle and would never complain of ‘not being in the mood’

Other pros for the doll include the fact that after the initial cost of purchase, the men will not be obligated to spend money on it by feeding it and buying it presents.


Many men seem to agree with him. In fact, some women are okay with the new invention and would not mind it if their men had it. Ladies claim that they would prefer their men release their pent up s£xual frustrations with a doll rather than with another woman.

One woman on a national radio station even went as far as saying that she would like the male version of the doll to be made for women ASAP.

I’m a bit confused by the whole thing because I partly agree and disagree with arguments put forth. I understand how some women would be okay with this because they are sure that their men cannot have real feelings for the doll, they cannot get it pregnant nor can they bring home diseases.

However, don’t they feel inadequate so much so that they are ‘replaced’ by a robot? And what is it that women lack that men even those in long-term, intimate relationships have resorted to look for and invent a robot for companionship? It is mind-boggling.

Men appreciated the invention as a way of relieving stress-related conditions as pleasure will be given by Samantha with no nagging, conditions or even fight. It is as simple as no power no pleasure compared to all sorts of things a woman would prefer before going to bed.

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