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Evans Kidero arrested again by EACC detectives after a house search in his home at Muthaiga

Evans Kidero arrested again. PHOTO | Courtesy
Evans Kidero arrested again. PHOTO | Courtesy

The former Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero has been arrested again. The EACC detectives raid his office and arrest him for the ongoing case and did a search in his office for the documents in respect of his case at Milimani court.

The former Governor told journalists and denied he was under arrest, protested the raid, saying it was "pure harassment".

He said he was wondering what evidence the detectives were looking for yet they did not find anything at his home in their first raid.

"I was arrested on the 9th of August. We have been in court twice and there is no evidence adduced. This morning, EACC came with a search warrant for my house. It would appear to me that they are looking for evidence because they never had evidence to arrest me in the first place. They should have had evidence before arresting me," he said.

"And this is pure harassment, it is a violation of my rights and we will not take this lying down."

Dr Kidero has been in and out of court following corruption allegations made against him when he was at Mumias sugar and as a governor of Nairobi county. The EACC also claimed that there is more to be revealed with just a matter of time.

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