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Mwalimu Abduba Dida arrested over South C brothel business running allegations

Abduba Dida arrested. PHOTO | Courtesy

Former Presidential candidate Abduba Dida has been arrested following suspicious activities in his house at south C. The house that was a busy place for youth made neighbours suspicious and reported to Police that raided the house.

Police found identification cards, foreign currency, phones, and cameras in the house - all of which they confiscated. The officers also found makeshift studio filming gadgets, school desks, sex-enhancing drugs and other objects.

When contacted by the press, Dida could not say much about activities or businesses in the house. However, he said police officers can conduct an operation anywhere they wanted as they have a right to access.

The former presidential candidate has been arrested and will be taken to task over the seized items.  According to the other people arrested, they claimed that it was a cooperative business that did not involve the community but the partners only.

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