DP Ruto on a past function in Nairobi. PHOTO | BANA
DP Ruto on a past function in Nairobi. PHOTO | BANA

Kenyans should not task the President for not doing what is right for the country. Kenya has almost 70% foreign debt that needs to be paid and at the same time 70% of the national GDP for paying salaries and running the country. Where will the government get the 40% extra if it wants to utilize the 100% tax we have?

Kenya adopted the American system of governance without knowing that the US is a developed country and Kenya a developing country.  The US has 52 states with the smallest has a population of 579,315 and the largest with a 39,536,653 according to 2010 Census. Today the largest state is estimated to have 60 Million people managed by One governor.

A city lawyer urged Kenyans to give support to the President Uhuru Kenyatta as the country is heading on the wrong directions.

Sometimes we complain about nothing. We gave Uhuru 1537 MCAs that Kibaki never paid. We gave him 359 MPs from 210. We gave him 67 senators which Kibaki never had. We gave him six constitutional commissions each with nine commissioners plus their secretariat which Kibaki never had.

We gave him 47 governors and their deputies and their CECS which Kibaki never had. Where do we want him to get their salaries From? And at the same time improve the infrastructures. When he borrows, he's overborrowing. When he taxes us we are being overtaxed.

He tries fighting graft, the same MP lawyers are in court defending the thieves. When he tries to make corruption painful by demolishing illegal structures we begin complaining that the buildings would have been spared because of they're worth. What do we want as Kenyans? Were we informed when we passed this constitution? Did anyone explain to us it's cost implications?

In the USA we have a state with 60 million people, one governor, one senator one congress member... hapa Kenya we have 43 million people, 1752 mca's 47 senators 47 governors, county commissioners.. endless list.. yet we pay them with our own taxes its the dose of our own medicine.We either change the constitution or live with it.

The US has 15 Ministers while Kenya has 21. The country's' population is less than one state in the US. Let the President find means and ways of paying people salaries and as well as developments in the country. Otherwise, we need to do away with the new constitution and look for better ways.

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