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"Eeeeh! I may get a babe! hehehehe!!!" Vera sidika expectations at Danka Mtwapa

 Vera Sidika is expecting to explode Mtwapa Dec 01, 2018 at Danka lounge. The expected celebs to feed the mass include mc Chapatizzo and Dj Ronyle. 

She broke the wave last week after the Hon. Mafisi claimed to be in love with Vera. She welcomed him saying she is very single and she was ready to mingle with anyone.

"I have no one in my life and I have been single all along. I have nothing tangible to show off that was given by a man in my past relationships. Let us walk the talk and we will be on the same plate." She said.

"I will be going to Mtwapa for a show but not really that much. I'm going home. I miss Mombasa. I miss home. I was raised in Mombasa at Kiembeni and I feel good always when im in Mombasa. I meet my old friends. So Mtwapa is not a show but will be like meeting people and mingle. Eeeeh! I may get a babe! hehehehe!!! " she added. 

"I'm not dating anyone now. I'm very single than yesterday. "

Eeeeh! I may get a babe! hehehehe!!

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