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Tala Kenya records more CRB data blacklist than any financial app vendor. #TalaKenya

Kenyan shillings Notes from 1963. PHOTO | Courtesy
Tala Kenya Kisima financial saving plan. PHOTO | BANA

Tala Kenya has issued other services from their Tala app where people can save their money for bigger loans. Tala Kenya launched Kisima Tala a section in the app that gives users an interest for up to 15% according to the user saving plan.

 Tala Microfinance raised their profits to 200 Million by September 2018. The majority of the youths have appreciated the idea of saving for better and bigger loans.

It comes after a cry from the Youths that their interest rates were high in comparison with banks and other financial institutions.  Tala has registered a bigger number to the Credit and reference bureau than any other App-based financial vendor in 2018.

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