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The Fans letter to Coast-based Radio queen Kadii wa Johana. #SBS94.4FM

Radio Queen based in Kilifi. Fans cry foul. PHOTO | BANA
Radio Queen Kadii wa Johana based in Kilifi. Fans cry foul. PHOTO | BANA

Having such a good and soothing voice to the fans of Radio SBS 94.4 in Kilifi county its a pleasure to put my pen down to tell the world how you have surprised many by your eloquent tradition and language.  It is a good time to have such conversations as it will raise someone eyebrows who feels like spitting for the same.

Why you have confused other artist to even confusing some leaders if not yourself. I have decided to make it public that you need someone to make you move and move and move. Life is shorter for the ones who do not have a vision but it greater for those who have vision. Moving from one side of the divide to the other side of the coin has benefited the fans.

We all know confuser J with good songs but not a radio queen. It's me!! and me alone who knows Confuser J has given out another version of herself in the entertainment industry as a Radio Queen. Just waiting for the day I will hear "I do" on the Radio talk show that when will get back my old batteries to my new Radio.

That collabo you did was superb with the hon. Thaura Mweni and wish you could do another with Governor Amason Kingi. The sky is the only limit for us. That morning talk show blesses and takes courage and big names to compete. I will visit you soon when I hear that verse "I do" in your talk show or in the public.  Life is precious and you always keep the smiles despite the tides and life waves people come through.

Yours your forever,

SBS 94.4 fan.

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