Mustapha Idd at a past function. PHOTO | BANA
Mustapha Idd at a past function. PHOTO | Courtesy MKENYA

Former Kilifi south Mp. Mustapha Idd fall prey on the people who conned the former Tana River gubernatorial aspirant Danson Mungatana. Mungatana who lost Millions to the dirty business of importing Oil from middle east countries and making fake currency last year, another legislature spill beans of the same.

The Jubilee point man in Kilifi south fall on the quick cash trap and it is estimated that he lost more than 10Million in the last deal.

"I was introduced to the business by my colleague in the parliament in 2014 and I thought it was wise for me to do the business as it was not that involving. We were paid the first lump sum. We took other chances and invested again. The deals were good at first and I remember my first Ksh. 500,000 was multiplied in that business to around 3 Million in a period of four Months." Former Mp Mustapha Idd said.

"I know of legislatures who started with almost 10 Million and later got huge sums. These were the very people who motivated me to go into the business but we all lost later. The guys have a big network and have encroached more legislatures and conned them too. They feel that the public will look down upon them." he added.

Many people have fallen on the dirty and quick cash business that rendered them loose hope while others murder themselves. More people will still avail more information to the public. Currently, Mr Mungatana is the one who lost more Millions in the hands of the cartels or thugs. We looked for him in person to explain more on the lost deals and he declined to verify the statements.

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