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Wahome Thuku tells us about how to invest in fruitful prayers that God answers rather than spending much time with Prayers which block God's nature of answering the prayers.

WHENEVER Jesus Christ did not have an urgent need for an answer to his prayers, he prayed for a good long time.
BUT when he needed an instant answer like healing a sick person, or raising a dead one or multiplying fish and bread, he prayed a very short (30 seconds) prayer.
I call it investing in prayers, just like saving a lot of money when not in pressing need, to use it when in urgent need.

Jesus talked more to his father when he was not in need, and the father answered his urgent, short prayers when the need arose.

For us human being we do it the opposite way. Spiritually we pray very briefly when not in need but spend hours praying when we or our loved ones are in great need.
Socially, we don't call our parents, friends and relatives when life is good we only rush to them when trouble strikes us.

Invest the Jesus way.

Wahome Thuku Tales and advice. PHOTO: BANA

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