What police do that will impress yourself has made Wahome Thuku do follow-ups. He trailed a story from Sagana that will burst your head.

Wahome Thuku True Tales:  How Police treat pub and bar owners. 
Today the OCPD Mwea East or something...travelled from Sagana to Mutithi (15km) with his driver and another officer to record Lyne Caro's statement near her farm. They then drove back to Sagana Police Station where he ordered the denied P3 form be filled up for her and he gave it to her. He then ordered an officer to escort her to the hospital for the medication/checkup after the assault, and back. They also recorded statements from the patrol officers and the pub owner.

The OCPD received instructions to take up the case after the Sagana OCS said the complaint was free to go and report in Nairobi (HQ) if she wished.

I don't like to have matters take such directions but you can assure the junior officer next to you that as long as he/she decides to violate any Kenyan by beating them simply because he/she is in authority, I will have your OCPD or even your regional commander come record your statement. And it doesn't matter in which corner of this country you are. I can push and push and push, and backlash on this page doesn't deter me. I will kick you out of here and I continue pushing.

Folks, there are many countries in this world where police officers are servants. They serve. And still, they maintain law and order. We are not an inferior society. We have hundreds of such officers in Kenya. We have hundreds of others who would like to be like that. And we have the rogues who believe they have a right to slap you just because they have found you minding your business at 11 am. For the last category, we will expose them until the job is done. We are the ones to change this nation. Tomorrow I don't want my daughter to come home with a swollen face because a police officer thought she doesn't deserve to be enjoying her life out there. And I'm sure no officer wants his or her daughter violated in the same way.

Wahome Thuku Tales and Guidance and talks on laws. PHOTO | BANA

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