Hunger in Turkana and Samburu. PHOTO | THE STAR
Hunger in Turkana and Samburu. PHOTO | THE STAR

Auditor General Edward Ouko tabled a report with a deficit of 3.4 billion from the Ministry of Devolution. 

The Directors under the Ministry of devolution are expected to have pocketed 2 Billion from the latest investigation after the Financial report tabled. 

The funds were used to facilitate relief food distribution, buy Domestic materials, relief items, Foodstuffs, and shelter. Unfortunately, there was no documentation.

The State Department of Special Programmes under Ministry of Devolution cannot account for Sh3.4 billion.

"Therefore, there is nothing to show that the foodstuff was received by the beneficiaries. There was no documentation on how the needy persons were identified and hence no support of how the quantities of various destinations were determined,”. Mr. Ouko says.

The money was spent in the distribution of relief food for vulnerable persons in what appears to be a blatant misuse of public funds, according to the latest report of Auditor General Edward Ouko.

"In view of the foregoing, the accuracy completeness, validity, and accountability of transfer balance of Sh3.4 billion could not be confirmed,”. Mr. Ouko says

The DCI and EACC have taken over the matter from the Auditor General to investigate and bring to book the people who are expected to have swindled the billions.

The Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa will be expected to answer questions by Wednesday at the investigation headquarters.

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