Mombasa Governor Joho on SGR, KRC deal.
H.E Hassan Joho in a past function. PHOTO | NMG

What has made the Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho quiet in the political arena? It's revealed that he landed on a lucrative SGR deal for 10 years at his CFC businesses.

After weeks of investigations, the Nation Media investigation reveals that the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) is desperately attempting to reverse the heavily discounted rates granted to Grain Bulk Handlers Limited (GBHL) and Autoport Freight Terminals Ltd (AFTL). A stormy board meeting on Tuesday called for a review of the terms, but it is unclear how this will be done without exposing KRC to legal challenges.

Autoport is linked to the family of Governor Joho, while GBHL(Grain bulk handlers limited) is owned by influential businessman Mohamed Jaffer, who has dominated the handling of grain and fertilizer at the Port of Mombasa for decades.

Based on the draft documents, the two companies have negotiated with KRC into granting them a special rate of $450 (equivalent to Sh45,000) to transport a wagon of loose cargo from Mombasa to Nairobi, down from $2,147 (equivalent to Sh214,700).

The so-called Sultan has disappeared following the lucrative deal given by KRC directed by the highest office in Kenya. Are the people of Mombasa second thought now?

The self-made King if Coast region has been offered deals that are revolving his family led by his brother Abu Joho. 

 "He used to make noise, we thought he was fighting for Coasterians only to find out he fought for his family business," Paul said on twitter from Mombasa.

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