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Betting board(BCLB) gives 48 hours for gamers to withdraw their winning before closure

Betlion on the sport over BCLB regulations.
Kenya's biggest Jackpot provider. photo |LNM

The government has issued a notice on gamblers to withdraw their winning within 48 hours. The Government says will close down all betting companies after and back and forth row over licensing new rules and regulations.

The government first agreed to close down by the end of the month but due to emergency reasons, it reduced the time to 2 days. Some companies went to court to challenge such directives

"This is to permit you to allow gamers of the subject firms to withdraw any funds they may have deposited in the material period within forty-eight hours from the date hereof and duly notify them of the same, quoting this letter as authority,” read communication to a local telco from Liti Wambua, the BCLB acting director, in a letter dated July 11, 2019.

" We are closing down all betting companies who are not compliant. No court will hear about winnings case, please withdraw now." Liti said.

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