Meat inspection in Nairobi butcheries. PHOTO | TheStar
Meat inspection in Nairobi butcheries. PHOTO | TheStar

Due to congestion in hospitals and an increase of food-related diseases and malnutrition, the ministry of health has advised Kenyans to go back yi traditional foods to avoid diet-related problems.

Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki has advised Kenyans to shun eating red meat altogether.

“The main point is to look into our lifestyle. The way we live we are too lazy to even walk. Even in rural areas, people use Boda Bodas to go to the market. Let's avoid lifts and use stairs,” she reiterated.

“Let's go back to traditional foods like vegetables, arrow roots, cassava, it will help. Let's avoid refined food or food picked in a hurry from the shops,” she added.

"To the Kenyans out there, lets mind where we pick our foods, how we buy our foods and how we treat the foods. It is not always that with your naked eyes you can tell that the food has a problem,” she noted.

Almost 70 percent of Kenyan patients are suffering from diet-related problems. The modern foods explained that they contain much chemical than natural foods. She added that people should go back to their farms instead of buying in the today greedy markets.

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