ODM SG Edwin Sifuna in a controversial set up.
ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna shows his power after "Jumping" his words. PHOTO | NMG

ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna showed how to camouflage and to shortchange the media today morning after being skip traced on his resignation words he spoke during KBC TV interview. 

Posted on twitter, Sifuna claimed that people misquoted him and edited the original version but he did not speak out about resignation.

"I want to say in front of this country, if the Third Way Alliance is able to raise one million signatures, I will resign as the Secretary-General of ODM. I know for a fact they can’t do it. This is what I am telling you, people know where to look for leadership,” he said during an interview on KBC TV’s Good Morning Kenya show.

The third-way alliance led by Ekuru Aukot collected more than a million signatures to push for constitution change and save the country which is stinking and sinking for debts.

The commission stated that the initiative was supported by a total of 1,222,541 registered voters

He tweeted on Friday morning concerning his interview and bet; “It wasn’t me. I was misquoted. I don’t recall. I said re-sign not resign. I would rather die. I’ve never been on KBC. I don’t know who Third Way alliances are so Take your pick! This is a WIND ASSISTED and pyrrhic “victory” but all the best to @EAukot @fokango and their #PunguzaMizigoBill2019.”

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