New Kenyan notes displayed. New currency in Kenya. PHOTO | BANA
New Kenyan notes displayed. New currency in Kenya. PHOTO | BANA

"No money, the new currency is out of stock" this is a statement used by bank tellers after the CBK failed to supply new currency to the banks. 

Kenyan banks have re-configured their teller machines to churn out old-series notes.

This as a considerable number of individual automated teller machines (ATMs) in banking halls remained out of order at the start of the week, an indication into ongoing repairs.

The CBK has thrown the monkey at our door! Central Bank has remained silent even when as the ball of printing new money and its distribution lies on their court,” a manager from one of the bank said but insisted on being Anonymous.

Sources claim that the CBK might be squeezing out holders of the old series Ksh.1000 notes which are to be removed from circulation by Oct 1, 2019, by denying them new notes until the very end.

The CBK, on the other hand, has remained silent on the remained Kenyans frustrate in getting their hard-earned money on their respective bank ATMs

" The governor is playing cat and mouse games. What if the guys hoarding the notes fail to deliver? Will the government go to their doorsteps to collect the old currency? The old currency will have it's a way to the bank whether the CBK wants it or not after the 1st of October, 2019. " Economic strategist and an analyst said.

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