The Malindi Mp Hon Jumwa. PHOTO | BANA
The Malindi Mp Hon Jumwa. PHOTO | BANA

ODM starts a campaign to kick out Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa from the parliamentary service commission (PSC). The second attempt comes after the ODM officials failed to remove hon. Jumwa from the Malindi Constituency seat.

The push comes after a failed effort in the process of legislature removal and because the recently passed Parliamentary Service Bill now provides a room for the removal of a PSC member or a member of Parliament who will challenge the party's sponsorship positions. 

The party nominated Ms Jumwa for the position of PSC member following the August 8, 2013, general election. But a few months after he took office, Ms Jumwa defied ODM and began campaigning for Dr Ruto as the successor to President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

"It is clear that Mr Jumwa does not respect the policies, leadership and vision of the party that nominated him to be a member of the PSC," said Mr Suna East MP. 

"According to article 14 of the Political Parties Act, 2012, a member of a political party who shall be deemed to have left the party while promoting the interests of the opposition party shall be removed through a majority vote of no confidence."

"So, now that the Parliamentary Service Bill provides guidance and procedure on how to punish such a person, we will follow the procedure to remove Mr Jumwa from the post of PSC commission, ”said Mr Odinga's close ally. 

The process of removing the PSC commissioners is governed by the procedure set out in item 127 of the Constitution. 

And in June last year, the ODM party officially began the process of removing Jumwa from the commission. On 20th Mr Mohammed wrote to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi expressing his wish to remove her from the post. 

The National Assembly Speaker reiterated that the party failed in its mandate to remove her from being a legislature and now there is no room for her removal at the PSC. 

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