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Sacking: Telkom and Airtel to lay off 500 and 700 employees respectively

Telkom Kenya sacking it's employees. PHOTO | NMG
Telkom Kenya sacking it's employees. PHOTO | NMG

Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya signed a merger that will both companies share devices and management. Telkom Kenya has announced plans to send home over 500 employees to accommodate new structure it entered with Airtel Networks Kenya Limited early this year ahead of a planned merger.

According to new developments, Airtel is also expecting to lay off at least 700 employees before the end of 2019.

"In accordance with the provisions of Employment Act, we have notified communications workers union and sent out letters to individuals affected giving one month’s notice with effect from July 31,” says Telkom CEO Mugo Kibati.

Airtel and Telkom have already signed an agreement on the merger, and are expected to begin operating as Airtel-Telkom.

"We intend to terminate the employment of approximately 575 of our employees, on account of redundancy, as a result of the transaction,” he added.

Despite the giant Telecommunication firm, Safaricom getting 63 billion profit, the two companies have been struggling to keep afloat.

Airtel had a 200 Million lose in the 2018/2019 financial year.  The two firms agreed to step up and help one another so that they can improve their status.

Mugo Kibati the Telkom CEO. PHOTO | BANA
Mugo Kibati the Telkom CEO. PHOTO | BANA

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