Promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution 2010. PHOTO | NMG
Promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution 2010. PHOTO | NMG

Do we need to change the constitution in Kenya? 
Philosopher Dr. Odhiambo Swa Makaduol President, CUCFOK explains why it's high time to go the Ekuru Aukot Punguza mzigo initiative.

The building bridges initiative (BBI) proposal to have Executive come from elected members and elected by elected members is completely a cursed case to be heard in Kenya where tribal skirmishes have been the talk of the every Elections years. 

When you read briefly the history and background of a constitution-making and remember, the constitution is made in line with the history, tradition, and culture of a nation. 

Ask your self what really has been causing tribal skirmishes in Kenya and Africa, tribal inclination and fear. 

Through the selection of an executive through electoral college means a certain majority and powerful tribe will Control and rule the country forever. 

Tribes, races, and religion classes are going to group together and marginalize the minority forever in Kenya.

The economically powered tribes or Dynasties will buy support from the Elected leaders who are will be getting money to replace their electoral campaign expenses. This is always the Kenya trend. Some politicians want to buy or retain power from the system. 

And after all this system can only work in a truly democratic world in the West and not African Countries.

The reason here to Kenyans is simple. The West who Control electoral systems and fund them wants to maintain their own dynasty in Kenya for their perpetual Economic exploitation and Control without the knowledge of Kenyan people.

This is one Fundamental problem that Kenyans must be ready to protest against the national leaders in the coming referendum this time around.

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