Health CS Sicily Kariuki file photo. PHOTO | RMS
Health CS Sicily Kariuki file photo. PHOTO | RMS

4.2 and Billion was given to the ministry of healthy for formulating policies which including benchmarking in several countries leading in Cancer awareness and treatment.

The government has given a go-ahead on the policy formulation in the ministry of health which will lead to creating of Cancer centres regional.

" We do not have drugs in our hospitals, no equipment and those billions are taken for policy formulation. The government is not serious, " Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura said.

"4 Billion got lost in the new curriculum, So many billions in Kenya got lost due to policy formulation. Counties have lost billions in benchmarking. Until we leaders get serious with our country, " he added.

President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the ministry to look for funds in treasury and start the process as early as possible.

" We will build cancer centres soon. We are in the process to secure all needed to build efficient cancer centres, " said the President. 

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