Desks consignment for Mitangani primary school. PHOTO | FILE
Desks consignment for Mitangani primary school. PHOTO | FILE

Parents of Mitangani Primary School in Jaribuni ward, Ganze Sub-County, are threatening to take to the streets to challenge the purchase of sub-standard desks by their area Member of Parliament.

Speaking to journalists at the school, the parents have vowed to reject the desks if the MP does not take back the desks which seem to have been constructed using once used pieces of wood terming its shoddy work. 

"These desks are in very poor condition, the wood has very many holes and poorly scrubbed thereby acting as a threat to our children who use them for sitting. We demand value for our money as taxpayers" said one agitated parent who sought anonymity. 

The parents have also lamented that the MP has completely neglected the school and has never brought any development to the school.

 "Our children study under trees and use very poor structures. We have tried reaching the MP but it's fruitless" one of the parents added.

The area member of parliament Teddy Mwambire purchased 100 desks after a mining company, Chinese Communication Company ltd, built 4 new modern classrooms and an administration block. The parents have however vowed not to let their children use the desks as they feel their kids might sustain injuries due to the poor work. 

Sources close to the MP's office say the desks were purchased within the 2018/19 financial year at a cost of Ksh 800,000. Earlier this year, the MP was on the spotlight over incomplete projects in the education sector after a photo of a poorly constructed school, Mangororo primary, went viral. 

The photo sparked emotional debates on social media, prompting various leaders to come out to offer donations. One notable donation was that of Mr. Kenneth Kazungu, the Kilifi County Chief Officer for the Department of Roads, Transport and Public works who donated over 100 tons of building blocks and close to 100 tons of sand for the construction of 8 modern classrooms. 

3 classrooms have been constructed at Mangororo primary school so far. Other schools that had benefited from the Chief Officer's is Makalangeni Primary school where he donated funds for the completion of an ongoing construction project and Mwarandinda where he donated over 100 bags of cement and building blocks for the construction of a new Mwarandinda secondary school. 

However, the area member of Parliament refuted the claims saying the school problems were to be directed to his office but not through social media. 

"I have come across a post claiming that the Ganze NG-CDF delivered 100 SECOND-HAND DESKS for the 2017/2018 financial year which the community and parents have rejected. To be honest, the framers of such a post appears to have some personal reservations in reference to the photo of the desks."  Hon. Teddy Mwambire said.

"The last bunch of 50 desks was delivered on Sunday 25/8/2019 and was received by the representatives of the school and project management committee. As an office, we haven't received any document from the Project Management Committee claiming that the desks were either second hand or substandard or even any form of reservations as required by law," he added.

"Great people, it's unfortunate that we're seeing this unbelievable information and counter-accusations which shouldn't be the case. All the same, our office will visit the school with the aim of verifying the information circulating and get back. The supplier hasn't been paid even a single cent neither has our office visited the school to verify the consignment before official handling over as required by law. It would have been disastrous if I organized or even went to handover the 100 desks without verifying which to me is something which can't happen." He insisted that the desks will be inspected before handing them over.

Ganze constituency is among the poor areas in Kenya. The area MP welcomed donors, well-wishers, and corporates to raise the standards of the poor education environment as CDF could not suffice all the needs.

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