Bungoma county referral hospital. PHOTO | FILE
Bungoma county referral hospital. PHOTO | FILE

Paulina Nasimiyu and her 30 years married husband Wepukhulu Were in Bumula, Bungoma fought over dowry.

Paulina claimed that she took her daughter Veronica to school without the help of her drunkard husband.

It is alleged the husband suspected his wife had schemed against the dowry.

The dowry brought included 20 cows and Sh 200,000 in cash.  The husband suggested sharing the dowry to avoid future grievances.

 However, the wife shuttered the husband suggestion, “Why do you want us to share? I fought with this daughter alone until she got married. Where were you? I took her to school. Give me a receipt if you ever paid school fees. ” 15 years old son who listened to them said.

The husband failed to control his temper and slapped his wife. 

“What type of woman are you? This is our daughter and I have to get her dowry. Don't think you'll sanction me here. Put all the money on the table and let's find out how we will share it. Let's also know how we will protect or share these cows or I will take the cows to my relatives, ” the son added. He could not help out the situation so he let them quarrel. 

Without hesitation, the wife injured her husband with a sharp object. It's allegedly the woman also undressed her husband and chopped off the Mr. Were genitals and ran away with the dowry. 

Mr. Were was taken to Bungoma referral hospital for treatment. The police are hunting down the woman. But sources say she crossed to Uganda.

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