Tob Cohen and his wife. PHOTO | NMG
Tob Cohen and his wife. PHOTO | NMG

Police are investigating the disappearance of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen. According to the wife of Mr. Tob Cohen, Sarah Kamotho, he left home but he didn't say where he was going.

In the house, there were no cameras despite wiring being done.

"He removed the cameras, two weeks before his disappearance. He wanted to replace them with new high standard cameras. " Sarah Kimotho said.

"We are still unsure of whatever she speaks. How come he removed the cameras and reported to us that his life was in danger? How comes he did not disappear with his vehicle? The neighbor's cameras were not working that day he disappeared. "the investigative officer told bana media.

As the mystery of missing Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen sinks, police have interrogated Sarah Kamotho his estranged wife who provided contrasting reports with her workers who witnessed the disappearance,  the police try to unravel the whereabouts of the Kenyan-based businessman.

Police sources say that the workers, whom they have interrogated, and supported by Ms. Kamotho, had said that Mr. Cohen had removed the cameras and that they were replaced only after he went missing.

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Apparently, the wife was very composed during the interrogation and told us that Mr. Cohen at times disappears only to resurface after two weeks,” said a detective.

"We spoke twice that day and he did not tell me he was leaving. For several months, we had agreed that we would be talking daily because he was living in fear of his life, "said Gabriela sister to Mr. Tob Cohen.


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