Chinese market exchange. PHOTO | BBC
Chinese market exchange. PHOTO | BBC

After a great Wednesday, China stocks exchange in great fear of their currency to become unstable next week.  USD CHF currency hit a major blow after the decline due to the major scale in the US as the US blocks imports from China.

The main US share indexes closed 3% lower overnight, but the benchmark Dow Jones closed higher on Friday. This was notwithstanding a warning from China that it would take new countermeasures against US trade tariffs.

However, the picture was more mixed in Europe, with London's FTSE 100 ending more than 2% down. There was a financial depression on European, US and Asian markets on Wednesday, after weak data from Germany and grim signs in bond markets raised fears of a global slowdown.

The Chinese government has assured its exporters that a new market is on the way despite the US withdrawal. "Africa has strong ties and it might be the only remaining major market for China," said a London stock advisor Tom Kien

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