Baba yao from Milimani court heading to Kikuyu. PHOTO | RMS
Baba yao from Milimani court heading to Kikuyu. PHOTO | RMS

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu says he will operate from sub- counties. He added that there are ward administrative offices across the whole county.

Speaking on Sunday at Victor’s Assembly Church in Kikuyu, Governor Waititu Babayao said people across the county need developments.

"I’m the governor. Executive powers are with me and not in the office or my official vehicle. There is no confusion about that,” said Waititu.

“When I come to Kikuyu, I’ll tell those I need to meet where to meet me. When I go to Limuru, Thika or Kiambu I will tell them w, here to meet me. County activities must go on. Actually a lot of work to be done is in the sub-counties.”

"This case brought against me is full of politics. They had to silence me…. But I want to announce that I have agreed to remain silent. Right now I am not politicking anymore. I’m now focusing on development issues so that we can fulfill the pledges we made to the people of Kiambu,” said Waititu.

Just after a week where the deputy governor took office saying he will control the control because he was second in county power.

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