Huduma Namba cards to be given out. PHOTO | ODPP
Huduma Namba cards to be given out. PHOTO | ODPP

Huduma Namba will be mandatory and with hefty fines if one found to flawed the laws. Jail terms will be not less than one year and fines not less than 1 Million.

Some activities or conducting businesses will not be possible without Huduma Namba Card.

The proposed laws are yet to be debated and passed by the parliament; National assembly and Senate.

Section 8 of the proposed law states that every resident individual shall have a mandatory obligation to present their Huduma Namba in order to-

(a) Be issued with a passport;
(b) Apply for a driving license(c) Register a mobile phone number;
(d) Register as a voter;
(e) Pay taxes;
(f) Transact in the financial markets;
(g) Open a bank account;
(h) Register a company or a public benefit organization;
(i) Transfer or make any dealings in the land;
(j) Register for electricity connection;
(k) Access Universal Health Care services;
(l) Benefit from the government housing scheme;
(m) Register a marriage;
(n) Enroll in a public educational facility;
(o) Access social protection services;
(p) Register or transfer a motor vehicle; or
(q) Any other specified public service.
"A person who carries out or permits the carrying out of any transaction specified in section 8 without a Huduma Namba commits an offense," reads offense the proposed Huduma Namba Bill 2019. 
A person who illegally influences the decision of a NIIMS registration officer commits an offense.

A person who:
(a) wilfully destroys or attempts to destroy, or mutilates or attempts to mutilate a Huduma card;
(b) unlawfully alters or modifies information on a Huduma card; or
(c) permits use of their Huduma Card by another person commits an offense.

A person who unoffensey makes produces, prints, binds, designs, or distributes a Huduma card commits an offense.

 A NIIMS registraoffenseficer or any other authorized officer, who wiauthorizedority discloses, submits or transfers data from the NIIMS database to any other person, commits an offense. 

offense parent, offense, or any other person ceased with the affairs of a child, who willfully and without a justifiable cause, fails to notify the occurrence of birth or cause a new-born to be enrolled into NIIMS, commits an offense. 

These will be offenses and will attract hefty fines if subjected to the court of law. 

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