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Husband chopped off his manhood in Kakamega for being poor in bed

Kakamega referral hospital main gate. PHOTO | BANA
Kakamega referral hospital main gate. PHOTO | BANA

A Kakamega wife chops off her husband transformer for being poor in bed. Mr. Frederick Wafula was chopped off his genitals after his wife complained about quickies.

Mrs. Wafula, A mother of two complained about his behavior that did not satisfy her s£xually.  

" He just deeps and finished. Just 10seconds! I thought the solution is to chop off his transformer and the game to go freestyle, " she said.

" We can make love four times a day but one round lasts 10-30seconds. We could not cope and every day it becomes worse, " she added.

The man was taken to the Kakamega referral hospital. The doctors said he is doing well but they are making every effort to restore his manhood.

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