exhumed body as county officials recover uniforms. PHOTO | NMG
exhumed body as county officials recover uniforms. PHOTO | NMG
The county government of Kakamega shocked after county officials exhumed a body of dead county employee to recover uniforms.

At Eburinde village, Butere Sub-County in Kakamega, the villagers were thrown into shock and grief after county officials forced the exhumation of the body of an employee who had been buried in service uniform.

Mr. Martin Shikuku Alukoye, 31, who worked with the Kakamega County Youth Service, drowned in River Eburinde on August 7 and was buried on the night of August 11 in line with Luhya customs.

The county forced their way into the family without a court order. 

"The officers went against the laws of the land and the laws of our forefathers as they dismantled the coffin to reclaim the uniform. We had fully involved the county government in the burial arrangements and they never resisted our proposal to bury our son in his work regalia, " said Mr. Francis Mutamba, an uncle of the dead man.

The county officials left with their uniform without getting back the body to the grave.

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