Dozens of women to sleep behind bars after Kilifi police arrested them for allegedly planning chaos for #TeamEmbrace Kilifi chapter. 

Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa refuted claims of sponsoring women to cause chaos in the #TeamEmbrace rally. Kilifi Women representative Gertrude Mbeyu and her Embrace counterpart Juliet Riziki (Kachachawa) are on the spot for directing police to block a group of Women from Magarini.

The police intercepted a bus where the women boarded and were taken to Kilifi police station. 

According to some latest developments, some of the women who were taken to the police cells were released in a suspicious way.

" The team embrace is good at some point. But embracing peace in a place where there is no war is encouraging for war, " said Said Omar a political analyst.

" If you are preaching peace people may mistake and think you have a hidden agenda. It's like you are telling couple which is in love, very good love until someone is able to tell,  then you start preaching love to them, that will sound bad, they may think you have fishy businesses, " he added.

Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa could not hold on after the Magarini women were locked up in a police cell. "We know your motive, how can women be blocked when attending a Women Rally. Respect everyone's decisions. Remember those who are locked and tortured by Police have families. Are you happy now that you are sleeping with your man and another woman somewhere are sleeping in a cell because of you? ," Malindi Mp Said.

Our sources found out that the group which was locked from attending the said rally belongs to Juliet Riziki. The duo had different plans in the same rally.

Speaking on phone, one of the Women who were released said the former Women Representative candidate was their point person in the #TeamEmbrace rally.

" We know Juliet Riziki(Kachachawa),  we are from Magarini, not Malindi.  Hon. Gertrude Mbeyu wanted to block Kachachawas' followers so that she remains on the top of the game, " Mama Bahati said.

Our efforts to reach the two #KilifiEmbrace leaders remained futile.  "The two leaders are trying to forge love and affection to blindfold the voter in the next general election, " said former aspirant Amina Mnyazi.

Team Embrace in Kilifi county. PHOTO | BANA
Team Embrace in Kilifi county. PHOTO | BANA

Team Embrace in Kilifi county. PHOTO | BANA

Team Embrace in Kilifi county. PHOTO | BANA

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