Local tourists at Mombasa beaches. PHOTO | Bana
Local tourists at Mombasa beaches. PHOTO | Bana

Mombasa County is not getting better. The Coast regional city is getting worse day by day.

The closure of CFSs' is a big blow to the city. Thousands of people lost their jobs. Including small restaurant, mama mboga and others who depended on the CFSs'. 

Taking Shipping opportunities to Nairobi is another blow to the Coastal city. Majority of the people in Mombasa depends on the KPA directly or indirectly. 

After the withdrawal of the shipping services, by August 2019 more than 500 doctors and clinical officers from different hospitals in Mombasa were fired due to the decreased number of patients.

Do you think people are not getting sick in Mombasa? The answer is No. The cost of getting health care in this hospital is higher than the average personal income. The CFSs and Clearing and forwarding companies paid medical covers for their employee.


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  1. And People are told to protest so that the Clearing and forwrding services to be brought back.. hamtaki


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