Mr. David Kimingi Thwake dam consultant, Machakos. PHOTO | NMG
Mr. David Kimingi Thwake dam consultant, Machakos. PHOTO | NMG

People from the coast and Eastern regions who depend on River Athi/Galana/Sabaki to prepare themselves for a longer dry river season.

The Athi River will be diverted to Thwake dam where engineers are expected to use it for the construction of Konza city.

Engineers building the multibillion Thwake dam have embarked on the pioneering task of diverting a stretch of Athi River from its natural course to create a dry surface for excavating the ground.

The dam builders are constructing two mega tunnels as the alternative underground route for Athi before its waters are channeled to rejoin the original course to the Indian Ocean.

The huge tunnels, which are set to be completed by next March, are 700 meters long and have a diameter of 12 meters — meaning their size can accommodate an equivalent of a four-story building.

According to Thwack dam Project consultant David Kimingi, the diversion will take a period of between 5-10 months to fill the dam unless something like El Nino (300-500 ml) hits the country.

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