Ganze Mp Hon Teddy Mwambire with special parliament Committee. PHOTO | FILE
Ganze Mp Hon Teddy Mwambire with select committee in Ganze. PHOTO | FILE

Ganze Mp Hon. Teddy Mwambire and Ganze sub-county deputy commissioner Mr Richard Karani warn all Uwezo fund defaulters from the previous regime that they will be arrested.  Hon. Mwambire said the constituency is blacklisted in the Youth based fund annual allocations because of repayments drawbacks.

The Mp further said that no youth since his term began in 2017 has benefitted from the kitty.

" I urge all youths who took or benefited from the Uwezo Fund to repay their loans. We are in final touches with Ganze sub-county administration to start tracing and arresting every individual who benefitted, " Hon. Mwambire said.

" Let the beneficiaries know that this Kitty belongs to the national government. Some youths think when they take a loan from the uwezo fund and when Teddy Mwambire is out they will not payback. This is not my money. If you do not repay your loan then you are halting or denying another youth somewhere an opportunity," he added.

It's estimated that more 100 youth groups have not repaid their loans. 

Ganze sub-county deputy Commissioner Mr Richard Karani   Said they are creating a task force to deal with the matter. The task force will include Kauma Sub-county. 

"People must be responsible for any action taken. We are helping our young generation. We know that it's a difficult and tough economical moment. We understand there are challenges but we must abide by the laws." the Sub-County commissioner said.

Ganze Sub-County administrator Mr Kennedy Muye Mwang'ombe said that county allocations for the youth will follow the same route. 

"There is a Mbegu fund in the county. All defaulters will face the same consequences. "Mr Kennedy Muye said.

Mr Karani added that all defaulters have up to end of September 2019 to make repayments. The crackdown is set to commence by the onset of October 2019.

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