Innerwear healthy recalls. PHOTO | BANA
Innerwear healthy recalls. PHOTO | BANA

A doctor at a referral hospital in Nairobi says she wears one inner wear once. Dr. Veronica Nkubu says wearing of underwear and recycling them is unhealthy.

However, things are quite different for Ms. Veronica whose sanity has taken them to an exceptional level. 

Ms. Veronica, who has his accredited private hospitals in the Nairobi, says that whenever she changes the underwear she throws it. 

“I can't wear underwear more than once. Whenever I put it on and take it off, I throw it away," she said.

"I believe that the sensitive parts get dirty especially after walking, Squeezing,  closing legs and sweat all day. These bacterias can cause infections if I clean up regularly and wear the same underwear again. Some bacteria cannot be cleaned with detergents," she added.

"My mother has taught me that it is a sign of unhygienic to repeat underwear after cleaning. The underwear is a garment to be worn immediately and thrown away." She said.

Majority of people have been repeating underwear for years. Some people continue to wear until it gets holes or tears.

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