Aspetar sports hospital, ultra-modern sports hospital in the world. PHOTO | NMG
Aspetar sports hospital, ultra-modern sports hospital in the world. PHOTO | NMG

Doha, Qatar has the only hospital that import and export human body parts across the whole world.

Aspetar hospital is the only hospital where world superstars visit to change or buy body parts.  From hollywood superstars to Sports; soccer, basketball, golf and tennis superstars visit the hospital once a year to find what new and get new altitude.

Aspetar is a hospital. Yet once you are inside, it soon becomes clear there is something quite different about this place, which is at the very cutting edge of sports injury treatment and rehabilitation.

It is a place where human body parts are imported for cutting edge medical science research and where some of the world's biggest sporting names - Angel di Maria, Neymar, Mo Farah, Yaya Toure, Amir Khan and Sam Warburton included - have been treated.

Until coming to Aspetar, I'd never been in a room where you can change the altitude," said PSG and Argentina winger Di Maria.

There are 25 such rooms at the facility, each with an altitude switch that can be adjusted to simulate conditions from between 500m and 4,500m above sea level. They use a filtration system to reduce the concentration of oxygen in the air.

Athletes can spend two to three days here in the dormitories, using their gadgets and watching TV, but they are connected to electrodes 24 hours day," explains an Aspetar guide.

The hospital is associated with Dubai billionaires, who have invested heavily on machines and equipment that can preserve fresh human body parts for a year.

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