Mombasa famous Casablanca Club where most politicians source happiness. PHOTO | FILE
Mombasa famous Casablanca Club where most politicians source happiness. PHOTO | FILE

Why is Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho quiet on the SGR and the Port relocation? Was he genuine? Why coastal people cry for developments and they have leaders? Why Mombasa and Coast at large becomes a hub of thugs than developments?

A member of Coast Development Authority and a lawyer George Kithi explains with former Mombasa gubernatorial candidate Suleiman Shahbaal.

The major reasons why Mombasa and coast region at large lag behind are politics, unemployment, and un-empowerment.


Politics is the major source of conflicts and economic sabotage in the region. Politics has main three perspectives; political party, Supremacy, and Self-Interest.

Coast region has lacked a strong political party for long after the death of KADU ASILI.  People have been using external political parties to get elective posts which at the end of the day the parties do not favour Coastal based interests.

" If you get to someone's house you have to abide by the rules set," Lawyer George Kithi said.

The economy is driven by politics. Leaders of big political parties will promote their home regions but the narrative will only change at the podiums.

Having a political party is a first step towards attaining bargaining power with giant parties.

Political Supremacy is the disastrous enemy of developments. When leaders engage in podiums talking about who is superior to the other it's a sign of underdevelopment. For a Region to grow, Leaders must come together look for their drawbacks and come up with solutions. 

" When you see leaders engage in stages, everyone wants to the King or Queen in the region just mind your business. No developments in the area. " Gulf bank chairman Suleiman Shahbaal said.

Politics of self-Interest is what is depicted by the majority of current leaders.  People go to politics only because they want to own the smartest car in the community, own mansion in the village, bring closer business partners and improve his or family businesses.

" Politics of self-interest only directs to areas where the source benefits. " Mr. Suleiman added.


There are things which are constant with unemployment; Security, Mortality, and Depression.

Leaders who close their ears on talks about unemployment risks their lives. That is how South Africa apartheid started.  

In Kenya we have what is for the rich and what meant for the poor; Schools,  Health facilities, Restaurants, Estates, etc

Unemployment affects the economy by increasing the gap between the Rich and the Poor. Security concerns become a headache for the agencies. Gangs are born but eliminated by Police through various forms. People get depressed and eliminate themselves sometimes they add colleagues.


The un-empowered community cannot sustain itself. Empowering comes from Aim, Power and Ring. By having a vision for the people and implement all developmental activities make a great leader who has the powers to change the community. The ring is the people enclosing the leader.

"Kenya needs true leaders who cannot be swayed by corruption and political winds, " added Shahbaal.

" Coast region desires strong and united leaders. Leaders who think about people but not self-interests, " he said. 


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