Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani. PHOTO | BNM
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani. PHOTO | BNM

The government milked dry due to an expanding wage bill. According to the treasury, it will be difficult to sustain salaries for all government and Agencies salaries if rapid measured will not be taken into considerations.

The government has suspended any hiring attempts for a period of three to check at the liquidity levels at the treasury.

Constituencies, Counties, regions, Parastatals and Government agencies to halt hiring and embark on restructuring processes which will be delivered to them in due time.

The government freezing hiring for the next three years claimed to be the only austerity measures to reduce the country's wage bill, expenditure and avoiding more debts.

Government agencies are headed for budget cuts of monumental proportions following Treasury’s tough conditions for approving funding requests presented by ministries and state departments.

Targeted in the cuts are allocations for consumable goods, staff upgrade, ICT equipment and funding for parastatals.

Treasury CS Ukur Yatani wants the saved funds prioritized to drive the Big Four agenda  “to build on the progress made so far as the state confronts unemployment, poverty and inequality.”

"There will be no recruitment of staff in the next three years unless a ministry, state department or agency (MDA) gets the approval of the Treasury," he stated.

“Allocation for personnel emoluments must be supported by Integrated Personnel Payroll Data (IPPD),” Yatani says in a circular directed to the MDAs.

“Accounting officers should note that their respective MDAs will only be allowed to bid for resources after finalizing the reviews,” Yatani says.

Other factors would be a project’s link to MTP3 of Vision 2030; the degree of addressing job creation and poverty reduction; cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

“Each programme should be confined under one ministry and all functions should fall within programmes; there should be no duplication of programme names,” the CS designates.

The Act Treasury cabinet secretary Ukur Yattani who doubles to the Planning Ministry as Cabinet Secretary has viewed the country projections as budgeted citing the country could plunge on new debts.


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  1. How can the government go broke and burn 1000 notes.

  2. Wacha kenya iuzwe kila mtu achukue pande lake.


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